A Yellow Jersey (and two more)

Alex in France

Bravo Alex! You did it! Congratulations for getting your first ever Yellow Jersey and winning the Tour Cycliste De Flers Agglo.

Not only did Alex win the GC, but he also got two other jerseys under his belt. Read on about the full race on Alex’s blog.

What a fantastic performance and a great result. We are so glad to see that your hard work is paying off and are looking forward to helping you with winning many more trophies in the future.

Alex in France

Alex Bosley, our sponsored rider, has just successfully completed the Tour de L’Orne in Brittany.

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend. Alex had two strong peloton finishes in the road race stages, and the racing was really brutal.  Loads were dropped, and the standard was extremely high.  

Alex’s is doing rather well compared to his UK Cat 1 team mate with two years extra experience. He finished only a few seconds behind in the TT race, while riding on his road bike.

The French riders in the team got dropped on the first stage.  Alex was well in the running all the way to the end.
During stage 3 he tried to bridge to the break, he got around 10 seconds, but then there was a counter attack, and 12 riders swept past him, and past the break, to become the new break, and Alex was swallowed up in the peloton again.  He still came in 35th out of maybe 100 odd finishers (155 had started on the day).

So it looks like CC Plancoet will be his team for next year.  They are a feeder team for the Cotes d’Armor DN1 team, who are themselves a feeder team for Israel Startup Nation Academy. The coach things he’s got a fantastic physiological base, and loads of potential.  We can see we just need to work with his efficiency, his time trialing, and his tactics (the attack he made was ill advised and at the wrong time).  

Good luck in for the rest of the season Alex! Allez, allez!