Bike Fit

Fulcycle is a friendly bike fit & repair studio with an informative bike fitting service conducted by Thomas Gordon, and assisted by Dr Bryan Roberts.

Thomas’ aim is simple: to be the best bike fit studio in Oxfordshire.

We are sure you have lots of questions, but let’s start with the services:

All services include an short introductory interview regarding their current cycling demands, a cycle specific physio, strength, flexibility assessment, a dynamic movement analysis test and of course a great (well hopefully) cup of tea or coffee. 

Cleat or Saddle Fitting – 1 hour appointment

The cleat fitting service is for cyclists who would like to transition to cleats from flat pedals, or the serious cyclist who has cleat related issues. An in depth review of your cleat position will be conducted.

With cleat fitting, Thomas assess’ the potential for wedging, orthotics, shims, spacers, and all the extra parts necessary for pure foot movement.

Thomas also specialises in getting new cyclists to learn cleats safely around our car park, and will teach you how to get on and off without injury.

With saddle fitting the customer tries a multitude of saddles and from there we learn which shape, size and features are right for you. Over 80% of our customers leave with the right saddle. The others leave with all the information to get the right saddle. This is because we can’t stock every saddle, but we do have a variety to get to the right shape and size.

All new saddles fitted by us have a 2-week return guarantee.

Flat pedal fitting (no cleats, usually commuters) – 1.5 hours appointment

The commuter (flat pedal fit – no cleats) is perfect for the customer with pains & niggles when riding but who doesn’t wear cleated shoes (cleats). The same extensive physio assessment is conducted, but the bike fitting is limited to saddle height and handlebar position only.

Road Bike Fitting – 2 hours appointment

Both the road bike and aerobar bike fitting services offer the complete package and deal with all aspects of the bike.

This is the full fitting service with everything included aside from new component purchases.

Perfect the for any rider.

Aerobar (Triathlon) Fitting – 2.5 hours appointment

Aerobars are typically installed for better aerodynamics during triathlons or TT competitions. The added complexity of aerobars requires extra time and is priced accordingly.

Bookings available by appointment only and dates / times vary week to week. 

Please choose the most appropriate slot for you.

Bike fitting

What is the bike fitting process?

Below is the process for the full road or TT bike fit, the others on offer are a variation depending on price and expertise required:

Assess flexibility of the lower body including hamstring, hip flexors and lower back
Assess your body movements dynamically
Assess natural foot position and forefoot varus/ valgus
Assess body angles on the bike – knee, shoulder, back and more when cycling
Adjust saddle height, fore/aft and tilt
Adjust stem, and handlebar positioning
Full saddle fitting inc. saddle choice
Full cleat fitting
Send report with final bike measurements

Why no RETUL fit?

The team at Fulcycle have used all these technologies including more expensive versions like VICON and CODA.

Our belief is the tool is only as good as its master, and ultimately he does not believe that it is worth paying an extra £85 for the use of these systems.


Fulcycle is one of the most affordable bike fits in Oxfordshire, despite being one of the most experienced, if not the most experienced.


Firstly, because Fulcycle don’t stock any bikes in-store overheads are lower with completely independent advice.

Secondly, with no RETUL system we don’t have to pay the extra levied charges, and push these onto the customer at an extra £85 for the same outcome. 

How do I book?

Bookings available by appointment only

Days / times vary week by week

Can I have a bike fit in the evening?

Unfortunately there are no evening appointments available currently. 

What do I need to bring with me?

On the day you will need to bring your bike, cycling clothing, shoes, cleats (if you have them), and any medications.

You will be expected to cycle for at least 20 minutes over the course of the 2 hour road or triathlon fit, or only 10 minutes for the commuter fit.

Where is the bike fit studio?

The majority of bike fits are conducted in Wheatley Business Centre.

Unit 31 Wheatley Business Centre
Old London Road
Wheatley, Oxon
OX33 1XW

SAT NAVS: When using a SAT NAV please make sure you turn into Wheatley rather than ignoring the sign on the A40. The back of the building is parallel to the A40, and can sometimes say “you have reached your destination” when clearly there is nothing there!

Any problems please call: 07783095122 

Can I bring an extra bike?

Yes, we will schedule 3 hours for the bike fit of the two bikes. The price is £130.

Please contact us using the contact form to book this special service.