Fulcycle closed 19 September 2022

On Monday, 19th September 2022, the day of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral – as a mark of respect Fulcycle will close for the day.

We will be back to normal working hours on Tuesday 20th.

Vielo Presentation @ Fulcycle

Vielo V+1 RCUK 100 2018

When: 17th September 2022, 2pm

Duration: 1.5-2 hours

Where: Fulcycle

Who: Ian Hughes, Vielo Director

Price: Free

Ian Hughes, Vielo Director

Ian has kindly accepted our invitation to come to Wheatley and tell us more about his new company. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to learn more about this indie boutique brand which stands out from other corporate manufacturers. You will also be able to see their beautifully designed bikes and appreciate their truly unique vision of the future of road and gravel bikes.

Use the form below to sign up for the presentation. Spaces are limited – sign up now!

The presentation is free and we will provide refreshments.

The presentation has now been postponed until next month. Watch this space for future annoncements.

See you soon!

Vielo Plus One

Vielo R+1

You may have already heard of Vielo – the newest highly acclaimed British bike brand. Their bikes not only look stunning, but also ride like a dream and we can say this from our own experience.

Vielo bikes come in two models – the R+1 for the road and the V+1 for the gravel rider. Both types of frames are designed specifically for 1x groupsets, allowing for wider and stiffer bottom bracket shell. This means that more of the power from your legs goes directly to the rear wheel, instead of being lost due to flex in the frame. There are also additional small features which we really like – the metal heat deflector shields near the brake rotors, the beautifully crafted Vielo cranksets and bars, and the very clever location of the seatpost clamp bolt, to name just a few.

Bikeradar.com Gravel Bike of the Year runner up award.

Not surprisingly Vielo V+1 was chosen as a runner up to the prestigious Bikeradar.com Gravel Bike of the Year competition, ony to be overtaken by Giant, yet ahead of big brands like Cube, Cinelli and Cervelo.

We were lucky to meet Ian Hughes, the founder of Vielo, at the Core Bike show and spent a long time chatting. His bikes really impressed us and we were very keen from the start to begin selling them in our workshop. Of course you can buy one yourself directly from Ian’s website and I’m sure you will not be dissapointed, but what we are offering is a little bit extra. With every bike purchase from us you get a free bike fit, so even before we place the order for your bike we will know what size frame, stem, cranks and handlebars you need. We will also build the bike for you for free.

Ian Hughes visiting Fulcycle

From experience we know that riding a Vielo bike is going to put the biggest grin on your face and you will love every ride on it. The specifically designed carbon frame and uncomplicated 1x transmission are trully ingenious and will give you years of trouble free riding. The bike fit we offer is going to save you worring if you are getting the right size frame and components. And if you are still unsure – come to the Vielo presentation this September (details to be anonced soon), so you can see the bikes for yourself and have a chat with Ian.

Core Bike 2022

Just to let everyone know that the workshop and bike fitting studio will be closed on Tuesday 22nd March 2022. See you all at the Core Bike!

Workshop hours update

On Monday, 17th January 2022, the workshop and bike fitting studio will be operating by appointment only. Do call us if you would like to arrange an appointment.

Improve your ride (part 3)

Road bike fitting

Bicycle riders come in many different shapes and sizes, yet the manufacturers make us believe that the four or five frame sizes they produce are supposed to fit all. Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large – often this is all we are left to chose from when buying a bike. Yet, there are many other factors which will affect the bonding between bike and rider.

Stem length, bar width, seat height and position, seat shape, crank length – all of these can be adjusted to make you more comfortable and help you deliver more power through the pedals.

An incorrect bike fit reduces the comfort and power delivery. This will also reduce the endurance and over time can result in injuries.

The bike fits we offer can be adjusted for speed, comfrot or endurance. A road bike fit usually takes about two hours. We do not use computerised systems as they don’t always produce the desired result, since every rider is different and every fit is individual. The bike fit is based on our experience with thousands of cyclists and consists of active itneraction between you and the bike fitter.

We also have an extensive saddle library and are confident that we can find the right one to make you comfortable. We also offer shoe fitting (Lake shoes only) and custom foot beds to suit any type of road cycling shoe.

We find that often the changes to the bike geometry may be too big and it will take some time for your body to adjust. This is why we will ask you to come back after a certain time so we can check and micro-adjust your position for the optimal result.

If you would like to book a bike fitting session with us, feel free to use our booking form here.

Looking forward to seeing you in our workshop.

New opening hours

Our opening hours are changing – we are now open on Mondays and staying open longer on weekdays. With the winter nearly over and the spring almost upon us, there are even more reasons to come and visit our workshop. Be it a bike service or a bike fit – we are more than happy to help you.

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We Are Growing

Fulcycle workshop and bike fitting studio

It’s been 1 year since we opened our doors and the reception you guys have given us has been tremendous. We are very thankful to everybody, especially for referring our services to friends.
The reason we are contacting you is because we have good news and bad news.
The good news is that after a year trading we have completed enough services and bike fits to hit the VAT threshold.
The bad news is that we are going to have to increase our prices by 20% at the end of October 2020.
Price increases never come as good news, so for all our current customers AND YOUR FRIENDS we are offering you a bike fit and / or bike service at our current prices if you book an appointment before the end of October and have the service completed by 31st December 2020.

If you would like to take up this offer, simply book a bike fit or service appointment on our website. And of course, if a friend has been umming and ahhing about a bike fit or service this might be the best time to tell them about our offer.

Again, thank you ever so much for being a customer of ours at the start of our journey,

Kiro, Thomas & Bryan